Allflex 2 Piece Cattle Tag

Allflex 2 Piece Cattle Tag

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The Allflex Cattle 2 piece tag is ideally suited to various applications.

It has higher retention, a wide range of printing options and is generally used with a Global Small Male tag. Use of the Global Medium Female tag and Global Small Male tag combination means you can easily read your animals ID from almost any angle

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Our two piece tags are ideal for applications in dairy, paddock and long fed markets. They make a great stud cattle tag.

They have high retention, along with a very large surface area for marking.

A large range of LazaFX and Laza print options are available.

Our two piece tags can be applied using the Allflex Identiplier, Universal or LazaMaticApplicators.

Price doesn’t include male button.


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Medium, Large, Maxi


Pink, Yellow, Black, Red, Green, Purple, White, Orange, Blue

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