The A-Tag is designed for long term application as a one piece option.

It is self-piercing with a pinhole tip, which means faster healing and reduced animal stress. The A-Tag Large has high retention, especially in thick eared animals due to a longer tag anchor. It also has a large surface area allowing for a wide range of marking options.

A-Tags fit the A-Tagger (which is yellow) and older applicators for this tag style. An A-Tag Feedlot range also available which is ideal for short-term applications such as feedlots and live export.

The Allflex Feedlot Tag (40) is engineered for retention and readability.

It hangs straight in the ear, allowing for easy viewing by pen riders.

Available in seventeen distinct colours.

Blank and printed options are available. It has a large panel for multiple lines of information and custom marking. Marking options include lot numbering, sequential numbering, bar codes logos and more.

The unique applicator design puts safety first when applying Feedlot Tags. Both manual and pneumatic applicators are available.