CYDECTIN PLATINUM offers unrivalled worm control through its Dual Actives – the potency and persistency of Moxidectin as well as the broad spectrum activity of a second active, it is highly effective against single and dual resistant worm strains.1,2

CYDECTIN PLATINUM reduces pasture contamination for 21-35 days, has a short 7 Day meat WHP, 20 Day ESI and can be used in dairy cattle 28 days prior to calving. It is non-irritant with the convenience of a low volume pour-on1.

The New DMI-SorbTM Formulation Technology* provides a pour-on that stays on, enhances absorption of the actives and reduces active absorption variability between animals.

  • The world’s first Dual Active Moxidectin Levamisole Pour-on.
  • The most recently tested pour-on cattle drench in Australia, proven to be highly effective against key cattle worms including single and dual resistant strains1
  • The only combination cattle drench with persistent activity that provides cleaner pastures1
  • No known impact on Dung Beetles**
  • Rainfast from 2 hours after treatment1
  • Non-irritant – does not irritate the skin or damage the hide1
  • Low odour and non-flammable