Broadleaf Weeds

//Broadleaf Weeds

Broadleaf Weeds

Significant numbers of broadleaf weeds in newly sown pastures may be a concern to the establishment and survival of the pasture.

There are a number of herbicide options available that can be used on newly sown pastures and are safe on clover. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Butress (2,4-DB)
  • Broadstrike (Flumetsulam)
  • Bromoxynil (8 week withholding period)
  • MCPA / Agritone
  • Igran (Terbutryn)
  • Jaguar (Bromoxynil + Diflufenican)
  • Tigrex (MCPA + Diflufenican)

It is important to know what weeds you are trying to control before choosing the herbicide. Some of these herbicides can be mixed to get greater effect or to control a wider spectrum of weeds and they may need to be used with a wetter.

While checking the pastures it is important to check for insect damage, including earthmites as the weather cools down. Insecticides can often be mixed with herbicides to make the application more efficient.

Always check the label before spraying so you understand the withholding periods, rainfast time, weeds controlled, need for a wetter, compatibility with other products and any special instructions.

Our Agronomist Rachel Rummery is available to come out and inspect pastures to help you make decisions about weed and pest control in pastures and crops.

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